Saturday, June 22, 2013


" REMEMBER OFTEN THE DESTROYER OF PLEASURE(i.e.death)"(ibn Majah) The death of a close relative is something we all have to deal with @ 1 time another.It is indeed a very painful and traumatic time wherein we experience a sense of shock.Our faith in ALLAH TA"ALA,our belief in life after death and the support of people around us helps us to cope with with the pain of permanent seperation from our loved ones.While we cannot take away the pain caused by the death of a beloved family member,we as brethren in faith can provide much needed comfort n support to each other. RECORDED IN THE COLLECTIONS OF BUKHARI N MUSLIM IS WHAT NABI (SAW) HAD SAID:"EVERY MUSLIM HAS 5 RIGHTS DUE TO HIM FROM HIS FELLOW MUSLIMS: 1)RETURNING HIS GREETING OF SALAAM 2)VISITING HIM WHEN HE IS SICK 3FOLLOWING HIS JANAZA 4)ACCEPTING HIS INVITATION 5)PRAYING FOR HIS WELL BEING WHEN HE SNEEZES READING JANAZA SALAAH AND ATTENDING THE BURIAL:"Whoever follows the funeral procession of a MUSLIM motivated by his faith n expecting to and remains with the janaza until salaah is performed and until he is buried,returns with the reward of 2 QIRATS.Each QIRAT IS LIKE MOUNT UHUD(bukhari n muslim) "AN INTELLIGENT PERSON IS HE WHO TAKES STOCK OF HIMSELF AND ACTS IN PREPERATION FOR WHAT IS AFTER DEATH."(AHMAD)It is imperative that the reflection of death is ever present in our minds.The janaza must remind us of our own death,of the harsh reality of the grave whic is reflected by the way we conduct ourselves in the graveyard.Unfortunately some very inappropriate and incorrect tendencies are becoming increasingly common during janaza such as:WHILST WOMEN ARE EXPECTED TO PRAY IN THE HOME OF THE DECEASED MEN,THEY SPEND THEIR TIME SOCIALISING,BLISSFULLY HEEDLESS OF THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION.MEN GATHER IN GROUPS @ THE GRAVEYARD LEAVING THE BUSSINESS OF BURIAL TO OTHERS.ITS SAD WHEN EVEN THE DECEASED IS OF THEIR OWN FAMILY,BUT THEY LEAVE IT FOR OUTSIDERS TO COVER THE QABR. UNFORTUNATELY WE HAVE REACHED SUCH A TIME THAT EVEN A JANAZA DONT GRIP US LIKE IT USED TO;WE FORGET THAT WE WILL ALSO BE THAT SAME JANAZA 1DAY.VISIT THE QABRASTAN OFTEN N REFLECT ON THE INHABITANTS IN THE QABR.THEY WISH THEY COULD BE BACK IN THIS DUNYA TO RIGHT THEIR WRONGS.REMEMBER THIS DUNYA IS ONLY TEMPORARY.HOW U LIVE IN IT IS HOW U WOULD DIE.SO LIVE FOR ALLAH TA ALA N U WILL BE REWARDED. "MAY ALLA TA ALA GRANT US THE HUMILITY TO SEE THE FOLLY OF OUR WAYS AND MAY HE GRANT US DEATH ON IMAAN."

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  1. Aameen, Jazakumullahu bikhairin. Indeed every soul shall taste death.
    Staying in the Qabr follows death. As Sayyidah said, the nature of our Qabr is determined by our deeds while in the world. If we are good, we will surely see good in our Qabr. May Allah make our rest a comfortable one, aameen.
    Sister you have done a good job wallahi. May Allah rewards you abundantly. And may he guide us to the path, the path of those who earn his favour. Aameen.