Monday, November 5, 2012


ile the internet has done wonders in mordern day technological advancements and progress.It has also opened a volley of repugnant and unscrupulous avenues that has caused untold misery in people's lives.Pornography among the other evils of society,has increasingly become popular with the younger generation.More especially with the easy access and freely available ever enticing Internet pornographic material.The harmful affects of Pornographic filth are indeed disastrous.Not only is porn forbidden in ISLAM,it is an insult to humanity and a danger to individuals involved in it due to its addictive nature and often lamentable after affects
A RECENT STUDY FOUND THAT;the average age of first time internet exposure to pornography is 11yrs old.The primary pornography consumer group is boys between the ages of  12 and 17. Pornography is the most searched word under Google search in SA. Nabie.
(Saw)stated  "The eyes commit adultery,the tongue commits adultery,the hands commit,adultery,the feet commit and then the private parts confirm or deny is(ahmad)
Respected parents,most certainly  you love your children dearly.Surely u care for them.They are directly under your care,A priceless AMAANAT(trust)for which you shall be answerable to ALLAH(swt).Hence ur supervision of your childrens online activities is absolutely essential.

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