Wednesday, November 14, 2012


MUHARRAM is the month in which the Muslims begin their LUNAR HIJRA CAlENDAR.It is 1 of 4 sanctified months.Allah Ta'ala says in the Quraan'there are 12 months of which 4 are sacred(Dhill Qadah,Dhill Hijjah,Muharram,Rajab) The specific mention of these does not mean that any other month is not sanctified.Ramadaan is admittedly the most Sanctified month of the year.But these 4 are santified because the pagans of Makkah has accepted these 4 months.When Allah Ta'ala  chose a particular time for blessing,the same acquires for the sactity out of his grace.
Thus the sanctity of these months was recognised right from the time of  Ebrahim (A S).Since the pagans of Makkah attributed themselves  to Ebrahim(A S),they observed the sanctity of these 4 months and despite their frequent tribal battles,they held it unlawful to fight in these months..This is the month of allah tala  and there is a lot of virtues  of this month,ان شاء الله آمِيْن ثُمَّ آمِيْن will post acts to do during this the next blog      

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