Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Islam is a vibrant,meaningful and timeless way of life.Its not a religion of time-worn and lifeless rituals.It stands imitably and firmly on the foundation of belief in ALLAHs ONENESS and abhors even the undue veneration of any personality.Islam also rejects emulation of alien customs and gives us the most sublime lifestyle in the form of the SUNNAH of our Nabie
(Saw).A true muslim will sense the difference between tradition,custom and what is actually SUNNAH.The sunnah is only a platform to achive unity of Muslims.Preferring traditions or norms inherited from family and society or ethnic or tribal customs not only harms us spiritually,but it also makes the unity of muslims on a global level very difficult..In fact,the mindset developed in the homes of Rasulullah(saw) himself,was to eradicate even the slightest trace of anything that opposed the Shari'ah.The mother of the beleivers,(Umm HabeebAhra)the daughter of Abu Sufyaan(رضي الله عنه)On the third day of her fathers death ,sent for some perfume and used it saying"I neither need nor like perfume,I,ve heard rasulullah (saw)saying'A woman is not permitted to mourn the death of anyone (but her husband)for  more than 3 days.the mourning period for a husbands death is 4months 10 days.)May ALLAh grant us the correct understanding of Deen,and help us to convey it to others in its prestine form.aameen

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