Thursday, November 1, 2012

MUSIC:The Steppping stone to Immorality;ALERT

Music is HARAAM.It is a major sin and it is srictly prohibited by the QURAAN and HADITH.Recently there has been a growing trend towards"ISLAMIC" music,comprising of islamic based lyrics,but accompanied by musical instrument.This is being promoted as permissible because the lyrics are islamic.However,there is no such thing as "ISLAMIC" music,music is music and remains HARAAM no matter whatever label is attached to it.
Listening to music is detrimental to our IMAAN,and the destructive nature of this deadly spiritual poison has been mentioned in da following AHAADITH:
Music causes hypocricy to grow in the hearts,just like water causes crops to grow(miskat)
""Verily ALLAH(swt)  has sent me as a MeRcY and as a gude unto the worlds.And ALLAH(swt)  commanded me to destroy musical instruments"(musnad Ahmad)
Imagine when the angel of death comes for u,n u r listening to music,how then are u gonna read your kalima.Remember how u live in this world will be how u r ressurected in the aakirah.think about it!

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