Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Cellular phones occuy the pockets of almost everyone,Young and old,poor and rich,even the street-sweeper,enjoy the pleasures of this technology.The CELL PHONE.Nowadays,cell phones can download a wide range of ringtones,As muslims,the "wide range" is confined and restricted to only permissible ringtones.Musical ringtones of English and Hindi songs(not to mention others)are totally PROHIBItED!HARAAM.It is unfortunate to observe Muslims indulging in the use of these HARAAM ringtones.......The  situstion is worsened by these ringtones ringing within the MUSJIDS.Some mussallies have blatantly ignored the severe prohibition of playing music in da Musjid,even in Makkah  and madina,and also right in front of the ka'bah to.Once hadrath Uthman(رضي الله عنه )was engaged in salaah.A man came in and dropped what he had in his hand to the floor,it made a huge sound.When hadrath Uthman had finished his salaah,he reprimanded the man and said "you  have caused disturbance to those who pray.....We can imagine what. he would've done to som1 with this kind of ringtone in the musjid:.the least we can do is devote ourselves totally in musjid to our salah,.,,when we know we are going to musjid for salaah,off ur fone for that time,Salaah is Fardh.let's give it the complete concentration it deserves

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