Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Spirit of SALAAH

Salaah is the armour tha guards from HARM and SIN.
Salaah is our vehicle that carries us through LIFE.
Salaah is our garment that COVERS and CONCEALS.
Salaah is our therapy that lifts our MOOD and HEALS.
Salaah is our lantern that lights up our STRAIGHT WAY.
Salaah is our vitamin and Strengthens our IMAAN.
Salaah is our teacher tat guides to all things PURE.
Salaah is our Victory,a crown upon our Hearts and a blessing to come to every SERVANT who LOVES to PRAY.
Pray your salaah on time,Don't miss your salaah,not for anything in this dunya.
Pray your salaah before salaah is PRAYED UPOn YOU(janaza salaah)

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