Monday, October 29, 2012


You have recognised ALLAH;but have not fulfilled his RIGHTS
You have recited ALLAHs book;but have not PRACTISED on it.
You claim that IBLEES is your enemy;but you have BEFRENDED HIM
You claim to love Rasulullah(saw)but have Forsaken His Sunnah all at once.
You claim to love JANNAH;but do not Perform acts to get in there.
You claim to Fear JAHANNAM,but you do not abstain from SIN
You calim that Death is a Reality,but you do not PREPARE for IT
You are busy Searching for faults in others;But you fail to correct your OWN FAULTS
You consume the Sustenance ALLAH provides,but you Do not THANK HIM
You bury the deceased with your own HANDS,but fail to derive a LESSON from them........

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