Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The year is coming to an end and during this period learners plan and prepare to close the year with a PARTY Bashes son/daughter could be;
.At a Party Bash-exposed to all sorts of Haraam and illicit Entertainment;alcohol and drugs
At a Raveclub or Nightclub-Enjoying the Haraam thunder of loud Music and Dancing to the tune of Shaytani singers;
At a Friends house-enjoying a braai with Friends,An occassion when Cocaine and hard Drugs are introduced----Only to become addicted later on.
Drag Racing and Speeding on the roads @ breakneck speed with a group of wild friends-the possible risk of an accident may claim lives or leave permanent injuries.
A victim of Rape-these parties are synonymous with free sexual activities;DEAR PARENT;We all trust our children,But please know where your child is going,what they are doing,with whom they are going...Remember your child is an Amanah___Protect this Amanah.

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