Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Spirit of Salaah

Salaah is our Armour that guards from HARM n Sin.
Salaah is our medicine that soothes our aching LIMBS.
Salaah is our Soldier that fights for Good and Right.
Salaah is our shelter that makes our Hearts Secure.
Salaah is our good tidings that help us through our day.
Salaah is our lantern that lights up our Straight Way.
Salaah is vitamin that Strengthens our Imaan.
Salaah is our victory,a crown upon our hearts and a blessing come to every Servant who LOVES to PRAY.
Salaah is the key to JANNAH,It will be the first question tha ALLAH will ask on the Day of Qiyamah.PRAY UR SALAAH BEFORE SALAAH IS PRAYED FOR YOU(((JANAzA SALAH))

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